Transparent Display Screen:

The pixelLABS transparent display screen, with its transparent digital signage lineup, allows your products to speak for themselves. These displays bring forth a new generation, instantaneous visual effect by connecting the physical environment to the world of virtual display.

A Wide Variety of Applications

Ideal for hotels, retail stores, educational institutions, health care centres, museums and more, the product helps promote ideas, products, and information while impressing a wide audience.

Attract even larger audiences by combining the pixelLABS innovative Transparent Display Screen with an interactive screen effect for your images, information, and products’ display. In so doing, you create a one-of-a-kind look. This solution is a popular tool used in store windows, building designs, vending machines, and museums.

Maximum Audiovisual Coverage

The product is ideal for either horizontal or vertical installation on any wall with multiple display connectivity. Adjusting the level of transparency according to the light source achieves the optimal effect and results.

The symmetrical 178° viewing angle ensures high-quality image viewing from every viewpoint, thereby ensuring maximum coverage.

To enhance your freedom of design, pixelLABS offers panels in 65”, 50”, and 32” size options with multimedia connectivity support and pre-installed 2W speakers to play audio or audiovisual files. This allows your viewers a holistic viewing experience.