Interactive Whiteboard:

The interactive whiteboard is a dynamic teaching solution allowing teachers and students the sharing of lesson content. An ultimate medium in enabling video conference and large audience engagement, ease of use is guaranteed by means of a digital pen or by the intuitive touch of a finger. The latter two ensure a collaborative classroom, conference, and board meeting solution.

Here to boost productivity and facilitate flexible working, training, and collaborative work, the product is ideal for the development, recording, and sharing of ideas spanning multiple locations.


Multimedia File Formats

Saving work is easy by means of searchable PDFs while the OCR function allows for the conversion of images or handwritten work converted into encoded text. Multiple users can also use the screen simultaneously.

The interactive whiteboard thus provides a concentrated solution for training and teaching platforms with various available formats of HD display, video playback, audio, screenwriting, file, save, and distribute functions.

Other advantages

You can choose from either a 32” to 100” 4K interactive whiteboard supplying a high definition LED display and operation platform. It integrates with your computer, TV, acoustics system, projector, electronic board, screen, remote video, and various other functions. You have the ability to either edit, move, or resize on the screen. This innovative design supports 20 points touch, anti-light interference, and built-in central control. It is the ultimate in high-end design with its built-in PC .

Elegant Design and Safety

Further features include an environmentally safe and reliable design made of low radiation, non-toxic materials. The product also has added built-in eye and lightening protection features while automatically adapting to voltage fluctuations.

Available in black and silver, the interactive whiteboard is easily mountable on an optional mobile trolley.