AOT is an expert provider, implementor and aggregator of middleware services from Oracle. We help you knit your enterprise IT assets together into a cohesive ecosystem that can run your apps, manage your databases and boost employee productivity together with legacy system longevity.

Single Sign-On

Say goodbye to remembering and storing multiple usernames and passwords with Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-On solutions, expertly delivered by AOT. Our SSO solutions provide clients with seamless authentication and unified sign-ons across all enterprise resources – ranging from desktops and client servers to mainframe and custom applications. Our SSO solutions from Oracle deliver a centralised framework for security and compliance while enforcing strong password and authentication policies. Our implementation can use any LDAP or Active Directory, or SQL database server to store unified user profiles and credentials.

  • Reduce operational costs and deployment risks
  • Deliver fast, secure and intuitive access to employees
  • Eliminate the bottlenecks of traditional desktop client deployment
  • Enforce a seamless common security policy by linking with Oracle Identity Management

See how our SSO solutions empower your teams with secure and seamless sign-ons and user authentication

Service Oriented Architecture

Boost your capability to respond to changing markets, increasing competitive pressures and changing customer needs with AOT’s Service Oriented Architecture solutions from Oracle.

As world-class implementors and aggregators for SOA, we help your IT pivot with greater flexibility and speed by overcoming the complexity of your IT environments. Our SOA solutions deliver enterprise applications as modular business web services that can be easily integrated and reused. This modular approach – almost like Lego blocks – allows you to move and reconfigure your infrastructure rapidly and easily as your business evolves. Welcome to a new way of thinking about flexible and adaptable IT infrastructure with AOT’s SOA solutions, powered by Oracle.

  • Reuse existing IT assets to create new services
  • Configure and reconfigure your tech environment quickly and easily
  • Increase the lifespan and usability of legacy IT systems
  • Harness your organisational assets for new growth
  • Combine with XML open standards to create easily accessible web services

Find out how you can gain unprecedented agility and responsiveness with AOT’s SOA solutions.