Smart Whiteboard

The Smart Whiteboard is ideal for situations needing active engagement and collaboration such as in a boardroom situation. The ideal medium for developing, recording, and sharing ideas visually across multiple locations, this pixelLABS product helps companies boost productivity, providing flexible working to both staff and clients. Making use of a digital pen or the intuitive touch of your finger, you can ensure a collaborative educational Labs, conference, or board meeting experience. Any work done on the Smart Whiteboard is easily saved as PDFs, or other Microsoft Office files, images and videos, while the OCR function allows for the conversion of handwritten work to text.

Elegant Design

The Smart Whiteboard boasts an elegant, innovative design that incorporates 10/20-point touch, anti-light interference, and built-in central control features making it a valuable presentation tool. These features are complemented by the environment ready design with its built-in PC. This results in greater interaction during sessions.

Safety First

Because PixelLABS is concerned with safety, the Smart Whiteboard boasts a safe environmental, reliable, one-button design made of low radiation, non-toxic materials. The product also supports built-in eye and lightning protection and automatically adapts to high voltage fluctuations.

Other Features

The 32” to 100” 2K, and 4K Smart Whiteboard series’ for high definition LED display and operations platforms integrate with your computer, TV, acoustics system, projector, electronic board, screen, and remote video. This makes pixelLABS’ Smart Whiteboard series a concentrated solution for your HD display, video playback, audio, screenwriting, file, save, print, distribution, and notation needs, selecting from a diverse models of mobile trolley or wall mounted kits.