A Reflective Touch-Screen Experience

A mirrored screen that creates an impression on users once they discover the unique features of this pixelLABS product while interacting with the mirror.

With content appearing on a reflective mirror screen, this product is ideal for use in gyms, hotels, restrooms, retails stores, and fitting rooms. The displayed content appears on the screen while the rest of the screen remains reflective.

The Mirror Capacitive Touch All-In-One PC enhances and takes customer care and satisfaction to the next level. It is a valuable information tool for information delivery that may result in increases in inquiries and sales.

Unique Interactive Experience

The pixelLABS Mirror Capacitive Touch All-In-One PC allows users a similar interactive experience to that of smartphones. What is more, the product has a flat touch surface for ease of use. This makes it the ideal display tool for a variety of different venues and user experiences.

A comfortable fingertip operation experience is ensured by the 10/20 points capacitive touchscreen. All inputs are via either the intuitive touch of a finger or by means of a digital pen. The product supports Windows, Linux and Android O.S.

A Turnkey Design and Solution

This pixelLABs product has various state of the art properties and functions. Core capacity touch stability and durability are ensured by the product’s anti-glare interference, no light interference, a 4mm specially toughened explosion-proof glass, anti-scratch, and anti-impact properties.

The frame has an aluminum profile with a cold rolled steel backplate while the screen has a tempered glass touch surface. The design is super thin, high end, and shows no depressions.

Other Features

Other great features include an HDMI interface WiFi capability and a built-in sound system. You can also opt for either a horizontal or vertical wall mount or floor-to-ceiling mounting options. This product is specifically designed for high-traffic areas where user participation in content interaction is desired.

With over 4,000 induction sensors, the touch screen adopts projective capacity touch control technology that quickly detects multiple signals and inputs simultaneously. This ability provides users with a high-precision, high response touch experience.

The LED  4k display allows better contrast and brightness with a wide color range and a more accurate image rendering.