Outdoor Transit Monitors

Transit, Lobby, & Mall Informative Screens are the ideal tools to enhance customer relationships for commercial companies and professional services. The information displays come with a built-in media player and software applications designed to enable owners to achieve their various display and advertising needs. It also has a stand that can be installed in buses, express trains, elevators and other places of a mobile nature and changing environments

A One-Stop Solution

The various easy-to-install, set-up and display requirements enable a one-stop solution that achieves excellent advertising or information display management

Enhanced Efficiency and Performance

The ultra-high definition resolution of 2k, 4k  combined with the 1.5 GHz quad-core processor and 2G RAM memory ensure a great viewing experience allowing more information and workspace. This ensures enhanced efficiency and performance at all times. Furthermore, the USB playback function allows access and playback of multimedia files directly from USB drives

Enhanced Features

The HDMI port gives you the flexibility of displaying content directly from your PC or laptop. Using the airplay function., you can easily stream mobile content in MHL-equipped devices onto your signage display

Easy Customization and Multiple Display Management

The X-Sign signage app has various templates and is installed on the display signage. In so doing, you can customize, edit, manage and display your content.

These monitors can support operating systems Windows, Android, and Linus which has a built-in multimedia player allowing users to display content.

Transit, Lobby, & Mall Informative Screens can simultaneously be controlled via the local network with you Multiple Display Administrator (MDA)