Today, ERP is a fundamental measure that reflects the maturity of your organization

Bring total visibility and improved performance to your business

In today’s fast-paced business environment, even small edges can deliver significant competitive advantage.

Globalization continues to squeeze markets and businesses are looking at technology for agile solutions to help them outperform competitors, maintain margins and increase ROI.

That’s why it’s critical your organization’s ERP solution continuously leverages the latest technologies available to streamline processes and provide true end-to-end visibility across your entire operation​.

Choosing the Right Par​tner

Wh​en selecting your preferred ERP partner, it’s important to seek out a company with proven implementation skills that are highly relevant to your organization’s specific requirements.

Such a company should be able to evidence a comprehensive repository of processes and case studies and have a deep understanding of your various department’s objectives and ERP modules.

The partner you choose should be able to leverage these assets to deliver quick and efficient implementation, minimizing time to benefit your organization.

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Fastest ERP Implementation in the Region

AOT facilitated the fastest Oracle ERP implementation in the region for the General Entertainment Authority of Saudi Arabia as part of Saudi’s Vision 2030.

The Authority’s Oracle Certificate of implementation was issued in a record of 33 working days.


Strong Alliances

AOT has formed strong alliances with leading ERP solution providers, one of the leading providers of ERP solutions.

By leveraging these strategic alliances and the cutting-edge technologies available to us, we provide highly tailored enterprise-scale services to a wide range of verticals including:

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  1. Finance and Investments Sectors
  2. Public and Government Sector
  3. Facilities and Transportation Sectors
  4. Education Sector
  5. Private Sector​​

The scope of our ERP Practice

We help you bring total visibility, transparency, and control to your organization through our expert ERP implementation services. Backed by years of experience, AOT is considered the industry benchmark for ERP implementation expertise.

We work closely with your teams to create a detailed requirements analysis and precise scope before engaging with implementation. In association with technology partners including Oracle, we tailor modular ERP solutions that give you the flexibility of adding specific functionality relevant to your business.

Enjoy speed, performance, and enhanced reporting, all backed by AOT’s rapid implementation strategy that reduces cost and business disruption.


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