LED-Wall Video:

Our LED-Wall Video is a pixelLABS smart signage solution. It features a built-in media player as well as software applications specifically designed to solve your display and advertising needs. The product is very easy to install, set up, and manage. Very little time, effort, and resources are needed to get your business going.

Smart Design

Easy to mount, the pixelLABS LED-Wall Video offers users a wide variety of applications and configurations. It is the ideal solution for stores, libraries, offices, airports, and more.

Supporting a stylishly slim, narrow bezel design, the product easily blends into any indoor environment.

Excellent Viewing and Mobile Streaming Experience

With a 4K unparalleled clarity and high definition resolution, the pixelLABS LED-Wall Video offers excellent image details resulting in an unforgettable viewing experience with much more information than a normal HD display.

Streaming contents saved on any MHL-equipped smartphones or tablets on the pixelLABS LED Wall Video is easy due to the built-in Airplay function.