Capacitive Touch All-In-One PC:

The Capacitive Touch All-In-One PC from pixelLABS gives users the ability to have an interactive experience similar to that of popular smartphones on a flat touch surface. The PC is the ideal user solution in VIP areas, airports, banks, shopping malls, hotels, lobbies, and any other area people congregate

Elegant Design

With its 10/20 points capacitive touch screen, the Capacitive Touch All-In-One PC provides a comfortable operational experience at the touch of your fingertips. Inputs could also be via a digital pen. This product uses a Windows/Linux/Android operating mode.

Safety Aspects

Supporting excellent anti-glare interference and no light interference properties, the product, because of its toughened 4mm specially toughened explosion-proof glass with its anti-scratch and anti-impact features, ensures core capacitor touch stability and durability. The Capacitive Touch All-In-One PC also supports an aluminum profile frame with a first-grade cold rolled steel backplate.

User-Friendly Features

The pixelLABS Capacitive Touch All-In-One PC is a flat, super-thin, high-end product with no depression that incorporates an HDMI interface, WiFi capability, and built-in sound system. You could choose to have a wall-mounted or floor-to-ceiling installation featuring either horizontal or vertical suspension.

This product is designed for high-traffic areas like museums, airports, and shopping centers, for example, to facilitate user participation and interaction.

High Precision

The touch screen adopts projective capacity touch control technology using over 4,000 induction sensors that quickly detect multiple signals and outputs simultaneously. In so doing, you have a system that provides a high-precision, high response touch experience. Furthermore, the LED 4K display allows for better contrast and brightness with a larger color range and a more accurate image rendering.