Intelligent Blackboard

The Intelligent Blackboard with its LED touchscreen and writing glass surface design provides an entire scientific solution to all classroom situations for schools and universities. The product enables teachers and lecturers to increase efficiency and effectiveness due to the built-in software and design features that allow students to have an intuitive perception of the lecture contents

Seamless Integration

The integration of a capacitive LED touchscreen with Windows and Android OS operation platforms, a high-definition LED display and a speaker system along with WiFi capability, means the Intelligent Blackboard possesses the functionality needed for an up-to-date multimedia classroom setting. The product also seamlessly integrates with a computer, TV, acoustics system, projector, electronic board, screens, and remote video

Allowing various formats or teaching files with the Intelligent Blackboard’s HD display, video playback, audio, screenwriting, file, save, and print function, it makes the ideal platform for teaching and lecturing.

Ensuring Safety in Any Setting

The design includes a frameless shape and stable, accurate capacitive touch panel keeping your classroom setting neat and simple. Because of pixelLABS customer-centric approach, student and lecturer safety are ensured by the product’s anti-smash, anti-scratch, waterproof, and anti-glare features