Smart Touch Tables

The pixelLABS Smart Touch Table is an ingenious invention allowing for customer entertainment and increased employee productivity. A fully-fledged Smart Touch Table, the product has a unique, high-quality design. The table’s possibilities and applications are almost endless.

This product is popular in restaurant lounge areas, hotels, canteens, flagship retails stores, exhibition spaces, and airports. Certain restaurants integrate their tables with their food ordering software. This allows customers the opportunity to both order from the restaurant menu and pay their bill at the table. It also gives you the ability to control all your home devices from the comfort of your Smart Touch coffee table.

Innovative Design

Sporting an elegant, innovative design with 20 points touch, anti-light interference, and built-in central control and speakers, the pixelLABS Smart Touch Table is the ideal piece of furniture to share experiences and bring people together.

Other Features

The touch screen ensures a comfortable operation experience, while inputs are via either a digital pen or the intuitive touch of a finger.

Your Various hardware options include but are not limited to, 4G/8G/16G RAM, and 128G/250G/512G SSD hard disk.

The two built-in 8 Ohm 10W/15W speakers ensure excellent sound quality.

Both dustproof and waterproof, the table comes in two sizes, i.e. 21.5 inches and 43 inches with various design options.