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Smart SLA achieves the best price performance equation for customers, as it provides management and operation service at a competitive price due to the partial use of resources (sharing). Customers enjoy the best competencies and the level of service provision at the lowest possible price.
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Applying Standards

The sensitivity and importance of the technology sector requires adherence to standards. The application of standards, adherence to them, monitoring and auditing is a very costly process. Smart SLA reduces this cost to the customer.
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Providing security and protection services

Providing security and protection services requires high costs of expertise, tools and standards that organizations may not bear alone. Smart SLA provides high-efficiency security and protection service at a low cost.
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Documentation of Settings - Procedures - Availability of Smart SLE Business Continuity Planning and Crisis Management - Smart SLI provides business continuity and disaster recovery planning services.
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Professional – Tools

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High Flexibility

Smart SLI provides flexible and multiple operating options to suit customer needs, such as providing cadres to work on site, part-time, temporary, or remote work.
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Infrastructure Management

Servers and Systems Support services

      • Servers health check (check utilization and performance).
      • MS Windows/Linux Systems administration (update, configure, design and security)
      • Check logs for errors and take the proper action to solve the problems.
      • Backup Management
      • Virtualization platform support service
      • Change, incident, problem, and configuration management.
      • Service Level Reporting
      • Problem Management, Workload, Availability and Event Management
      • Patch Management

Network and Security Support service (NOC and SOC Service)

      • LANs, WANs, Wi-Fi, Voice including routers, and switches administration
      • Network and system configuration hardening
      • Monitor network performance and troubleshoot problem areas as needed to ensure the optimal performance
      • Firewalls equipment maintenance
      • Security incident response and event Management
      • Vulnerability Assessment and remediation support

Data Base and Application Server (MSQL and IIS)

      • Database and application server Planning and Advisory Services
      • Database and application server Installation and Configuration
      • Database and application server Maintenance and Support
      • Database and application server Backup and Recovery
      • Database and application server Performance Management and tuning
      • Database and application server Vendor Management

General IT infrastructure service

      • Server, Storage, Network and Connectivity System Acquisition (Procurement)
      • Server, Storage, Network and Connectivity System Build
      • Server, Storage, Network and Connectivity System Maintenance and Support
      • Server, Storage, Network and Connectivity System Backup Management
      • Server, Storage, Network and Connectivity System Recovery Management
      • Server, Storage, Network and Connectivity System Performance Management
      • Server, Storage, Network and Connectivity System Vendor Management

Data Storage Management

      • Data Backup cloud service
      • Local Data Storage Management
      • Backup and Restoration Management

Data Center Operation

      • Data Center Facility Management
      • Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity
      • Data Center and physical Security Assessment
      • Customer New Branch IT setup
      • Customer Branch support
      • Data Center and Building Network Designs and implementation

Security Management

Cyber Security services:

      • Cybersecurity framework implementation
      • Cybersecurity audit support
      • Cybersecurity reporting
      • Cybersecurity technology support
      • Cybersecurity operations

Application Management

      • Development
      • Customization and enhancement
      • Webservice development
      • Mobile development enhancement and support

Business Continuity Services

      • Disaster recovery
      • Backup
      • Storage

Cloud Resources

      • Private cloud architecture design
      • IT workload Cloud Migration
      • Cloud Infrastructure hosting
      • DevOps Architecture design
      • DevOps Cloud Services

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