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As a recognized solution for today’s IT service business, IT organizations is strongly advised to use an IT Service Management System (ITSMS) based on ISO 20000 standard (the replacement of the British Std. of BS 15000) and ITIL framework. Companies that obtain this Certification to this standard are capable of independently demonstrating to potential and new customers that they meets best practice in IT Field.

It is the specification for service management, which covers the IT service management. It extends to set out minimum requirements that must be achieved in order to gain certification and the best practices for service management processes within the scope of the specification.

ISO 20000 & ITIL are applicable and relevant to any organization, large or small, in any sector or part of the world which relies on IT services, such as IT Departments, and external IT Service Providers, and IT Outsourcing Organizations. Within this context, AOT provides a set of consultancy services to IT companies and organizations aiming at obtaining these certificates.

ITSM-ISO20000 and ITIL Consultancy

AOT has the experience to provide a set of consultancy services in ITSM for both ISO 20000 Standard and ITIL Framework. Those services are divided into:

  • Training Services

    Our experience of how organizations of all types and sizes relate to the standard defined how we deliver the training you need for understanding, implementing, assessing and certifying your IT service management system.

  • Audit and Assessment Services
  • Companies’ Qualification and Preparation services to implement ITSM & gaining certification

The following is an overview on the certification services provided by AOT

ITSM-ISO20000 Awareness and Training Services

We offer a comprehensive program of training courses covering every aspect of ISO 20000 for delegates who are new to ISO 20000 and IT Service Management Systems and who need to audit and improve an existing system.

  • Documentation Establishment and Implementation Training

    An introductory course designed for individuals with little knowledge of implementing a management system. The basics of ISO 20000 will be covered in full detail.
    AOT course introduces the concepts needed to understand, develop, and implement an IT service management system. This training program provides attendees with the necessary understanding of ISO 20000 / ITIL and guidance for implementing an IT Service management system that is compliant with the standard and meets certification requirements. Exercises prepare delegates to identify key requirements and create required documentation.

  • Internal Audit Training

    An intensive three-day course for the Internal Auditor based on the requirements of ISO 20000 Information Technology - Service Management. Through sessions and exercises, delegates will be able to identify the stages of audits, principles of auditing, managing an audit program , audit activities, initiating the audit, preparing for an audit , conducting an audit , finalizing an audit and audit follow-up.

  • ITIL Framework Training

    A professional training program to teams and entire organizations. This program is designed for IT professionals who require a basic understanding of the ITIL framework and how it may be used to enhance the quality of IT Service Management within an organization.

Candidates can expect to gain competencies in ITIL upon successful completion of the program and gain an understanding of service management as a practice, service lifecycle, key principles and models, overview of service strategy, service design, service transition, service operation and continual service improvement. Then, they will be prepared for ITIL foundation certificate

ITSM-ISO20000 Audit/Assessment Services

Regardless of size or sector, these services are designed for any business aiming at both improving their operations and management, and finding a way to relate to their stakeholders, customers and suppliers.

Customized assessment can be provided when your company needs a less formalized assessment of specific requirements. Also, in case you need to check that your own internal processes are being followed, and finally If the organization needs to define the gaps against a specific requirements of standard.

Companies’ Qualification & Preparations in ITSM for ISO20000 Certificate Services

AOT can help IT companies to assess the current situation of the system status. Guidance, can delivered through the certification process. This can be achieved in subsequent phases starting with providing the required ITSM knowledge and make people familiar with the ISO 2000 Std. and ITSM requirements.
A consultancy team can sort out the best services for your company, and the,give the suitable proposal(s) and will support your company as it moves  to ITSM assessment and registration through the review and assessment, gaps reporting, preparing for certification & beyond.

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