Open Source Development Solution

Open Source software is changing IT in a fundamental way with regular increasing competition by connecting their developers directly. This has resulted in some of the most stable and widely used software in the IT history. Open Source technology enables anyone to examine and develop the source code. This process has resulted in highly reliable, secure and high-performance applications.

Today, Open Source initiatives are equally competitive compared with any other proprietary solution frameworks or development platforms and profoundly leaping ahead by way of the approval of clients.

Open Source technology makes business sense. Besides being free and of very high quality, this technology is often more powerful than most commercially available products. This is because its shared development harnesses the benevolent brilliance of thousands around the world who are continually developing, improving, and evolving its core.

Open Source Development technology for enterprise solutions and IT outsourcing and consulting services is targeted towards sourcing, managing and delivering IT projects effectively and efficiently. Open Source is a worldwide community, getting together to build something awesome, regardless of distance, language, and culture.

AOT’s Open Source Competency Center

Understanding the growing importance of Open Source Technology, AOT enterprises on Open Source based development practice. These initiatives progressed over years in response to growing demands from global clients. Today, our team of Open Source Development has a matured setup that has established proven proficiency helping clients to apprehend the power of Open Source based solutions.

At Open Source Competency Center, we explore various open source platforms and latest enterprise integration engines. The Competency Team keeps the knowledge portal updated with latest trends and business needs in open source technology. We are always ready to provide you with right kind of solution that leverages you a lot on the cost front.

Advantages of AOT’s Open Source Competency Center

Advantages you receive why deploying AOT Open Source Competency Center include:

  • Providing technical solutions implementing Open Source technology platform that helps in meeting technical challenges
  • Resolving problems faced in applying open Source technology
  • Establishing a forum for knowledge sharing among developers
  • Building competency in chosen application servers and services
Benefits of AOT’s Open Source Competency Center

AOT Open Source Competency Center can help you:

  • Build various custom online solutions for your business needs with proper guidance from AOT Open Source Technocrats and Experts
  • Gain exceptional cost advantage by reusing and customizing various open source frameworks and solutions as mentioned above
  • Watch your dream con true and meet your business expectation with fast, reliable and quality service.
AOT Open Source Technologies

Choosing an Open Source platform for your application can lessen your overall technology risk and reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) and development and long-term maintenance. For many years, AOT has been using Open Source software as a platform for building our client's applications.
AOT has experience in developing applications using the following open source technologies:

  • OS: Linux
  • DB: MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • WebServers: Apache, Nginx, JBoss, Tomcat, SJAS
  • Mail Servers: Postfix, Sendmail
  • DNS: Bind, Networking: DHCP, SSH, VLAN, VPN,
  • Authentication: OpenLDAP, NIS
  • Storage Services: Samba, NFS
  • Monitoring: Syslog-NG, Munin, Nagios, ZenOSS
  • Collaboration: Zimba, eGroupware,
  • Asset/Config mgmt: iTop
  • Backup: bacula
  • Storage: Open-filer - Open iscsi
  • Alfresco CMS
  • Open Bravo POS
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