Managed Security Services

With us, your information and data are secured. AOT team of dedicated and experienced IT security consultants provides you with the solutions and services for your total IT security needs.

AOT security management team is dedicated to ensure that:
  • Your information stays secure and readily available
  • There is a centralized user and access right management for easy administration
  • You receive 24/7 management and support for your security operations.

AOT IT Security Practice can help you review, design and implement an integrated, robust and secure architecture. You can depend on our full suite of end-to-end solutions and services to help protect your critical systems and network assets. Our security services cover:

  • IT Security Consulting
  • Professional Services
  • Managed Security Services
IT Security Consulting Services

Our security consulting services include:

  • Security Risk Profiling which covers:
    • Risk Assessment
    • Infiltration Tests
    • Security Review
  • Security Policy and Architecture Consulting
  • Security Solutions Deployment
  • Security Asset and Vulnerability Management
  • Security Incident Response
  • Security Audit

Based on your business needs, we provide design and implement the optimum security defense for your networks, systems and applications.
Our key business and technology areas include:

  • Identity Management

    Identity management is critical for the protection and growth of your business,including:

    • Providing and integrating the best-of-breed software from key solution providers to ensure efficient Web access management,directory/meta-directory and user provisioning
    • Offering strong authentication, access management, encryption and digital signatures
    • Providing centralized management of users and access rights for easy and efficient administration To achieve these, our team of experts analyzes your organization digital identity landscape to propose, design and implement the identity management framework for your organization. Not only that, but we, also, help address both operational and security issues on the proliferation of digital identities.
  • Vulnerability and Threat Management

    No need to fear any security threats and vulnerabilities in IT networks. Our comprehensive portfolio of Vulnerability and Threat Management solutions and helps you address and manage these issues to ensure that your business is constantly protected.

  • Security Information Management

    AOT’s experienced team of Security Information Management consultants assists you set up a complete security information management infrastructure. Our target is to provide you with a sound security information management. Hence, you can effectively manage risks, protect critical assets, maintain productivity, enforce security policies, and ensure compliance to regulations.

  • Enterprise Security Solutions and Services

    To address your system, network and application security needs, AOT has the right portfolio of Enterprise Security Solutions and Services. Special attention is given to wireless security solutions, to ensure wireless LAN systems are properly managed. No unauthorized access and intrusion threats.

With our structured methodology in the center, we perfect our services. It is four-phase  approach, which has been adopted for our previous projects in major security infrastructure and application. This methodology encompasses:

  • Inquire Phase; defining a customer's risk profile
  • Design Phase; designing the right architecture
  • Execution Phase; implementing the solution
  • Appraise Phase; ensuring a continuous state of secured operations

Driven by our belief in our methodology and approach, we can assist you in addressing and managing security risks in all aspects of your IT operations. Our IT Security Framework assists our customers to visualize and define their security requirements from a multiple dimensional perspective including services, processes and infrastructure.

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