Application Development Solution

Our customized Application Development Services totally bespoke your business needs.

AOT provides a broad variety of segments ranging from J2EE technologies to.

Net Platform,covering:
  • Application Development

    Including web based, client/server application development, and enhancements to legacy applications

  • Migration and Customization

    Including version upgrades services, database migration, re-engineering, functionality upgrades and porting

  • Wide-ranging Guidance

    When presented with a list of needs, Real Time's technical staff researches open source and commercial software solutions, which will save you valuable staff resources

  • Personalized Collaboration

    Real Time's technical staff can work within the parameters of larger projects. They are highly skilled professionals who are committed to assisting your staff or other outside consultants. Our scope of work is unlimited; be it maintenance programming or specific development

  • In-depth Specialization

    As a staff, we specialize in a wide range of open source software and programming languages, such as: Java ,J2EE, Java script, oracle development ,C/C++, Perl, PHP, HTML, CSS, and more

  • Powerful Tools

    The technical staff prides itself on a solid knowledgebase of open source options with new tools being researched on an ongoing basis

  • Operating System Environment

    Whenever possible, Real Time takes full advantage of Linux for the application environment because of its reliability, flexibility and low cost

  • Development Environment

    to maintain the highest quality end product, the development environment and production environment should be the same. Beyond the benefits listed in Operating System Environment, Linux also has great flexibility, which ensures quicker development

Application Support and Maintenance

Emerging from rising necessity to engage the outsourcing as a strategic tool in your company's development, we offer a variety of application support and maintenance. Your organizations are leveraging the benefits of outsourcing to:

  • Focus on organization core business

    Minimize any distractions from increasingly complex and integrated application portfolio; high maintenance costs, and scarce applications support skills and make your full attention towards your core business and competitive issues.

  • Gain Access to Technology

    Companies are quickly realizing that to thrive in today’s competitive business environment, they must rapidly deploy new technologies to support key business objectives. Our services are designed to fulfill the rapid change of business demands.

  • Gain Cost Visibility

    Cost reduction has been synonymous with outsourcing throughout its development. However, cost visibility is also critical to the measurement of the total cost of ownership of the business process.

  • Service Management

    We provide planning, control, monitoring, reporting and quality management of the applications services. These are fundamental and integral components in our managed services offering.

  • User Support

    We offer a dedicated application help desk and problem resolution management service. The main day-to-day interaction with the user community is an integral function across all of our managed services

  • Maintenance

    Ranging between Corrective and preventative maintenance services. We can help you fix your issues and stop it from failing through day-to-day application support of the applications portfolio.

  • Enhancement

    Perfective, adaptive and revolutionary; that is how your organization will be. We aim at finding and applying modifications better, differently, and different to new or existing applications.

Our solution is cost effective because we offer:

  • Focus on performance measures and continuous improvement besides Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

  • Timely resolution of issues and root cause analysis of each issue

  • Established support matrix offering Help Desk services and

  • Multi-level maintenance process using a Corrective, Preventive, Adaptive and Perfective Approach

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