Application Management

Every IT organization is undergoing tremendous change with respect to IT strategy and management. For example, application architectures have migrated from mainframe/host-based solutions, to client-server, to thin client, to browser-based solutions. The core of the enterprise business environment lies in applications like ERP, CRM and SCM to name a few, and legacy applications. Though business functionality and focus vary, each enterprise application needs to contribute to net positive ROI while helping the IT organization meet business objectives.

At AOT, we understand the significant difference between the two key phases of application lifecycle in an enterprise. While the development phase includes application development and deployment, the post deployment phase actually determines the success of your application, particularly from a business acceptance point-of-view. Hence maintenance and support services for application assume critical importance. Hence, we have created a Support Management Services Framework that focuses on application maintenance and support.

Understanding your Business Drivers

AOT Application Layer Support Services for an Enterprise is based on our understanding of business objectives (short and long term), key drivers, and constraints that influence IT strategy. With enterprise applications being the heart of an organization, our enterprise services have been customized to meet your core needs. These services include extensive offerings in Application Development, Quality Assurance, Application Support and Infrastructure Management.

AOT Application Layer Support Services for an Enterprise are based on established frameworks, such as ISO 20000 and ISO 27999 services delivery and Infrastructure Management.

Technical Service Desk
AOT offers comprehensive enterprise help desk solutions tailored to client needs.
Our service desk offerings focuses on being more predictive and proactive while also minimizing the impact to productivity during periods of technology upgrades and rollouts.
Technical Service Desk Components
Call Type Description of Service
System / Application Access - Level 1 queries

AOT Help Desk Consultants address issues related to accessing applications or systems. Support software applications such as desktop productivity tools, business applications,web applications and other software.

  • Support services such as email and collaboration offerings and perform task such as user account creation, administration and technical support.
  • Support hardware devices such as desktop systems, laptops and more. Handle setup, configuration and performance related issues.
  • Support mobile users, for instance Blackberry users on issues such as connectivity, latency etc.
  • Support telecom infrastructure such as instrument support, EPABX administration and more.
  • Offer call login, call routing, status reports and updates.
Support off-the-shelf software products
  • Provide problem reporting, diagnosis, and resolution for supported software products such as (Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes Domino etc.)
  • Offer configuration assistance and installation setup assistance
Support Servers and enterprise network
  • Provide for network/hardware related problem reporting, diagnosis, resolution or dispatch.
  • Address network problems such as connecting to servers, LAN, WAN, Mobile, Internet, intranet etc.
  • Address hardware problems such as web/app/database/collaboration servers
Support Enterprise Application
  • Provide for software application related problem reporting, diagnosis, resolution or dispatch.
  • Handle enterprise applications such as ERP/CRM/SCM/Finance Applications.
  • Handle technology issues across software platforms and hardware infrastructure starting from client server until Mainframe.
Planned escalation / Dispatch
  • Escalate problems that are beyond the scope of help desk.
  • Dispatch issues that need external intervention. Such as applications managed by third party.
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