Performance Optimization

Organizations realize significant benefits by decreasing IT cost of operations, and have used outsourced operations management as a key enabler to achieve this goal.
AOT understands the following strategic areas of focus where you are enabling your customers create the most business value from your IT solutions.

  • Network
  • Data/Storage
  • Compute
  • Applications

Below is an overview of AOT position on these components and how our services can fit your strategy.

Network optimization
  • Excessive dependency on network capacity
  • Dominance of new applications that dominate current networks
  • Diverse performance and quality needs
  • Heterogeneous and complex of dynamic loads
  • Lack of a systematic approach to scale and optimize the networks on a continuous basis

AOT Offering
Network Optimization services from AOT delivers an aggregated view of networks based on information from all layers of network stack, as well as the end point servers and applications.
This aggregated view, coupled with our ability to deliver actionable process changes to improve key performance measures can help you gain additional performance and plan for the future.
We will assess your network performance measures, evaluate your planned application strategy and help devise the network growth and improvements that can help you tackle the influx of new applications and usage models.

Data and Storage Optimization
  • Exponential growth of increasing data based on changing business needs
  • Existence of diverse storage technologies like DAS, SAN and NAS
  • Data protection, legal and regulatory constraints have forced organizations to deploy multiple solutions in each of these areas

AOT Offering
Storage optimization services from AOT will deliver a consolidated view of your storage capacity, utilization and performance.
With our framework, you will then be able to measure key indicators against business objectives and help plan for the future.
We will work with your planned storage strategy and help engineer the storage growth and necessary improvements in operations to make sure they are aligned with business initiatives.

Compute capacity planning and engineering

As chip manufacturers continue to scale Moore's Law well into the future, organizations will witness a sea change in availability of compute capacity. Compute capacity will continue to outpace storage and network growth into the foreseeable future. In this environment, there will be significant challenges in optimizing your compute infrastructure and datacenter.

AOT Offering
CSS can help you evaluate the tools and options available in optimizing your computer and datacenter investments - virtualization, GRID and peer-to- peer computing.
We will work with your planned application strategy and business drivers and help you engineer the next in class compute infrastructure that suits your needs.
With our ability to collect and correlate the various aspects of your compute, data and network health and ability to understand the variety of application needs from our customer base, we are in the unique position to offer a custom service that can address needs specific to your organization's business goals.

Application Tuning

Your applications portfolio is a key ingredient in making effective tradeoffs with the infrastructure layer. As the infrastructure improves, it enables new applications to be served, which in turn places additional needs on the infrastructure. This is a continuous cycle; so effective application optimization requires a holistic approach that starts with application tuning.

AOT Offering
AOT can help you analyze your applications for performance and service level measures and help you tune the applications to take advantage of available infrastructure.
We will work with your existing applications and understand the specific goals you have, be it scaling, throughput, response time, availability, reducing unplanned outages, or other key measures that are most important to you.
With our experience with n-tier application architectures and customer success history, we have the tools, people and processes to address application health and help you bring in more business value to your customers.

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