AOT has extensive experience with e-government solutions providing the following services:

Ready Models of Government Oracle Apps (GRP)

We provide Oracle application models especially designed for e-government needs such as human resources, finance, payroll, procurement, reporting and contracts.


The e-government application is the most efficient solution covering most of the governmental jobs including more than a hundred workflow decisions such as promotions and bonuses, paid vacations, and salary increases. 

Management Communications Systems

Management Communication Systems is the newest technology in our e-government solutions. It includes administrative communications such as incoming and outgoing workflow using Oracle Java technology EDF

Content Management and Archiving Systems and Portals

This service helps you with archiving, content management, documents security and access, and Electronic Portal Systems

E-government Transactions and Digital Signature

We are an authorized distributor of “Beit El Tatweer” Company. Beit El Tatweer is the patent owner of the e-government transactions and digital signatures system approved and adopted by the Saudi government. 

Brokerage Systems


We use Tadawul Order Management System to meet all your brokerage system needs. Depending on your business, we provide the application as an outsourcing model hosted at our data center or manage the application while it is hosted at your business premises.


The services we provide through our brokerage systems include:

·         Monitoring FIX Gateway

·         Monitoring order management system and performance management

·         Enabling efficient user management

·         Network management for branch and internet delivery channel

·         Tadawul security and firewall management

·         Co-ordination with Tadawul for technical assistance

·         Incorporation of additional functionality in the OMS system as made available by Tadawul


In addition to Tadawul order management systems, AOT has extensive experience dealing with and managing other third party applications including Trade-Net and Share-soft.


Islamic Installment


In today’s growing market, the focus on lending from financial institutions is continuously increasing. This brings institutions the challenge of managing the risk and costs of acquiring and retaining the right customer.


AOT focuses on providing solutions to large financial institutions helping them with key business and technology challenges in the mortgage, loans, personal financing, and leasing.


Our team experienced with implementing and supporting the following applications:


·         FinnOne

·         Oracle Loans and Oracle Leasing

·         Kastle Universal Lending Solutions


Enterprise Assets Management


Volatility in the capital markets is constant and it requires efficient cost control while being flexible enough to react to changing global demands for new investments.


Our Asset and Wealth Management solution provides application maintenance, business process outsourcing, and consulting services. Our aim is to provide customers with the tools to optimize and align their operations and technology so that they reach the most effective product management and distribution.


Our team experienced with implementing and supporting the following applications:

·         Institutional Asset Management

·         Mutual Funds

·         Private Wealth Management

·         Discretionary and non-discretionary portfolio Management

·         High Net worth customer reporting 

We value your business and aim to help you focus on your core competencies through a comprehensive suite of outsourcing services. AOT outsourcing services include IT outsourcing and business process outsourcing.


Every outsourcing engagement aimed at improving and streamlining processes for greater speed and efficiency without compromising service levels. Our transformational approach allows us to offer a much-needed flexibility for adapting to the changing business climate. 

At AOT, we help businesses think long term. Tomorrow’s challenges are continuously changing in a fast evolving time and our role is to solve your current challenges and anticipate the future ones.


Our team has an extensive knowledge of all IT solutions in the market and can consult you on what best suits your business. We do business analyses for your organization and follow it with the optimum implementation and support. We have the flexibility to deliver solutions quickly and cost-effectively.


We analyze your applications for performance and service level measures and help you tune the applications to take advantage of available infrastructure. We will work with your existing applications and understand your business goals. 

Software as a Service (SaaS) 

AOT is adopting the SaaS delivery model for many business applications. SaaS, also known as on-demand software, is a software delivery model in which software and associated data centrally hosted on the cloud where the customer can access via a web browser. AOT is using SaaS in delivering many business applications including DBMS software, management software, virtualization, customer relationship management (CRM), management information systems (MIS), and enterprise resource planning (ERP).

By outsourcing your hardware and software maintenance and support to AOT, your business will benefit a significant reduction in IT support cost and have the continuous professional support of AOT team.



Product as a Service (PaaS)

PaaS methodology aims at answering inquiries related to transitioning traditional on premise software products to a Software as a Service (SaaS) environment.

We help ease this transition and minimize any problems related to customizing on premise software products to SaaS environment. 

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