Enhancing enterprise platforms and boosting mobile outreach

We specialize in creating customized apps engineered for ease of use, security and intuitive user journeys. Clients rely on us to customize their ERP and business intelligence solutions with bespoke apps to enhance last mile delivery.

Apart from enterprise apps for desktop, web and cloud, we create native iOS and Android mobile to help you engage customers, improve communication and increase brand outreach.

We also design cross-platform apps in languages such as Java to work across a wide spectrum of tech environments.

Enterprise Apps

For exceptional last mile functionality

Cross-platform Apps

That work across your hardware and operating system ecosystem

Mobile Apps

Getting your business and teams smartphone-ready

Intuitive Design

For ease of use, customer uptake and increased productivity

We offer customized Application Development Services in a broad range of segments ranging from:

Our development teams are adept at popular development languages and use emerging technologies and languages to meet your exact requirements.

By outsourcing their application development activities to AOT, organizations benefit from higher productivity, better quality, lower costs and rapid delivery-Application Migration arises where instead of rewriting the entire set of business
rules, customers want to re-use the business logic present in existing applications to migrate to newer platforms.

AOT delivers migration projects as turnkey solutions, enabling the customers to achieve significant operational cost savings while keeping the proven business processes, functionality and data. The new platform is open for further application

This software revolution process involves re-documentation to create or revise alternative representations of software at the same level of abstraction, re-structuring to transform the systems code without changing its behavior, reverse engineering to analyze the system to extract information about the behavior and also for Design Recovery and finally Re-engineering to reconstitute in another form.​

Application Migration Services from AOT help the organization in:

  • Using ​the latest and the best technologies
  • Completely preserving corporate business knowledge
  • Dramatically reducing dependency on scarce skill sets
  • Immediately solving problematic maintenance issues
  • Enabling end-to-end project control and management
  • Supplying a full audit trail and documentation of all changes​