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About the course

This course is meant to enable Network Architects with the skills and experience needed to be able to accomplish their job in the planning and design of data and communications networks within the organization. This course is customized and designed to enable the solution Architects of the organization to understand the company’s business needs in order to design an efficient, secure and salable network that aligns with strategic goals.


This course is designed to make sure that its participants can accomplish the following skills and objectives:


To attend this course the Participant should have the following skills and awareness in the following knowledge areas:

Solutions Architecture Course Outline

Implement IPv4 & IPv6 networks (4 hrs.)

  • Create a redistribution implementation plan based upon the results from a redistribution analysis
  • Create a redistribution verification plan
  • Configure a redistribution solution
  • Verify that a redistribution was implemented
  • Document results of a redistribution implementation and verification plan
  • Identify the differences between implementing an IPv4 and IPv6 redistribution solution
  • Hands on lab: Configure and Troubleshoot IPv6 and IPv4 interoperability

4 Hours

Implement high availability

  • Determine network resources needed for implementing High Availability on a network
  • Create a High Availability implementation plan
  • Create a High Availability verification plan
  • Implement first hop redundancy protocols
  • Implement switch supervisor redundancy
  • Verify High Availability solution was implemented properly using show and debug commands
  • Document results of High Availability implementation and verification
  • Hands on lab: Configure and Troubleshoot first hop redundancy protocols

5 Hours

Understanding design requirements

  • Identifying customer needs.
  • Identifying network requirements.
  • How to choose the right product.
  • How to choose cables and connectors.

4 Hours

Designing a network solution

  • Applying a Methodology to Network Design
  • Structuring and Modularizing the Network
  • Designing Basic Campus and Data Center Networks
  • Designing Remote Connectivity
  • Designing IP Addressing and Selecting Routing Protocols
  • Evaluating Security Solutions for the Network
  • Identifying Voice Networking Considerations
  • Identifying Wireless Networking Considerations
  • Implementing and Operating the Network Design

6 Hours

Using MS Visio

  • Identifying Network devices in MS Visio.
  • Identifying Network symbols in MS Visio.
  • How to draw a high level network diagram.
  • How to draw a physical network diagram.
  • Hands-on lab: draw a high level network diagram with full high availability.
  • Hands-on lab: draw a physical network diagram with full high availability.
  • Hands-on lab: draw a rack design.
  • Hands-on lab: draw a cabling diagram.

8 Hours

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