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About the course

In this course you will learn to implement and use its features, such as competencies, qualifications, appraisals, objectives, and performance management plans.This course offers an introduction to the functionality and use of HRMS Performance management. Participants learn how to configure and conduct appraisals and assess competencies and objectives during an appraisal. They also learn how to establish a workforce performance management (WPM) system with the incorporation of the objectives library and performance management plans (PMP). Participants familiarize themselves with the PMP tasks that the application generates, to guide managers and workers through the performance-management process.


This course is designed to make sure that its participants can accomplish the following skills and objectives:


To attend this course the Participant should have the following skills and awareness in the following knowledge areas:

Oracle HRMS Performance Management R12 course outline

36 Hours
Course Outline

  • Introduction to OLM
  • Define Competence flexfield
  • Define Rating scale
  • Define Competences
  • Define Competences template
  • Define appraisals templates
  • Create plan
  • Define OPM fast formula
  • Evaluate the employees
  • Control the plan cycle

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