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About the course

Oracle Financial Course for Implementers gives you the qualifications to become an Oracle financial functional consultant, This course is aimed anyone who wants to develop his abilities to get a job as an Oracle Financial Applications Consultant, which gives him an opportunity to work with the largest international companies.


After completing this course you will be able to:


To attend this course the Participant should have the following skills and awareness in the following knowledge areas:

Oracle Financial Course for Implementers course outline

160 Hours
General ledger

Define Currency Rate

  • Rate Type
  • Enter Daily Rate

GL Journals

  • Journal Batch
  • Enter Journal in Functional Currency
  • Post Journal
  • Reverse Journal

Account Inquiry

Summary Account

Recurring Journals

Mass Allocation


  • Define Budget
  • Define Organization
  • Enter Budget Journals
  • Check Funds
  • Budget Transfer


  • Revaluation
  • Translation

InterCompany /IntraCompany Rules


  • Define Row Set
  • Define Column Set
  • Define Report
  • Define Order


Accounts Payable

Supplier Definition

  • Supplier
  • Supplier Site

Invoices Entry

  • Standard Invoice
  • Debit Memo
  • Credit Memo
  • Prepayment

Distribution Set

Payment Terms

Invoices Adjustments

  • Reverse Line
  • Discard Line
  • Credit & Debit Memo

Invoice Batch

Quick Invoice

Recurring Invoices

  • Define Full Distribution Set
  • Define Special Calendar
  • Recurring Invoice
  • Create Batch

Expense Reports

  • Expense Report Template
  • Create Expense Report
  • Run Expense Report Export Request

Create Bank & Bank Account for Payment Purposes

  • Define Bank
  • Define Bank Branch
  • Define Bank Account
  • Define Payment Document
  • Define Bank Option for Payables


  • Quick Payment
  • Manual Payment
  • Void / Reissue Payment
  • Refund


  • Prepayment Accounting Cycle overview
  • Create Prepayment Invoice
  • Pay the prepayment invoice
  • Create a Standard Invoice
  • Apply Prepayment to Standard Invoice

Withholding Tax

  • Enable withholding tax for Supplier Site

Create Accounting & Transfer to GL Concurrent Programs

Accounts Receivable

Customer Configuration

  • Create Customer
  • Create Customer Account
  • Create Customer Site

Transaction Types "Classes"

  • Invoice
  • Deposit
  • Guarantee
  • Debit Memo
  • Credit Memo

Payment Terms


  • Standard Transaction
  • Forien Currency Transaction
  • Recurring Transaction - Copy to
  • Freight on Invoice
  • Accounting Rules

Batch Transaction

Batch Summary

Transaction Adjustments

  • Define Adjustment Receivable Activity
  • Define Approval Limits
  • Debit Memo
  • Credit Memo

Create Bank & Bank Account for Collection Purposes

  • Define Bank
  • Define Bank Branch
  • Define Bank Account
  • Define Bank Options for Receivables


  • Receipt Entry
  • On Account
  • Write Off
  • Reverse Receipt
  • Refund

Fixed Assets

Asset Transactions

  • Addition
  • Quick Additions
  • Quick Codes
  • Mass Addition
  • Split
  • Merge
  • Add to Asset
  • Source Line
  • Financial Inquiry
  • Run Depreciation
  • Create CIP
  • Add to CIP Asset
  • Capitalize CIP
  • Asset Retirement

Asset Adjustments

  • Change Asset Category "Reclassification"
  • Change Asset Cost "Cost Adjustment"
  • Change Asset Life Years
  • Change Asset Location "Transfer"
  • Change Asset Number of Units

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