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About the course

Data centers are centralized locations where computing and networking equipment is concentrated for the purpose of collecting, storing, processing, distributing or allowing access to large amounts of data. They have existed in one form or another since the advent of computers.

Gain the skills and competency to manage the complex technical environments of a data center facility and the ability to optimize its effectiveness by driving efficiencies. Create a credible business strategy and apply strong leadership to maximize the operational capability of the data center whilst continuing to meet the on-going demands of the business.


This course is designed to make sure that its participants can accomplish the following skills and objectives:


To attend this course the Participant should have the following skills and awareness in the following knowledge areas:
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Data Center Management Training Course Outline

Course Outline

  • What is a Data Centre?
  • Understanding Basic Design Principles
  • Physical Infrastructure
  • Implementing Data Centre Projects
  • Managing the Data Centre
  • Management of Data Center processes
  • Data Center Assets Management.
  • Legislation and Regulations

40 Hours

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